73% 501st OG Brite Labs 500mg Cartridge (2 for $50)


501st OG Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the potent Skywalker OG X Rare Dankness #1 strains. This bud is infamous for its super relaxing high that lasts for hours and hours on end without affecting your mental energy too much. The high starts with a euphoric lift that slips its way through your mind with ease, lulling you into a state of pure happiness and bliss without a care in the world. You’ll feel a touch of focus and mental energy that keeps your wheels turning even while your body starts to settle into a deeply relaxing state. At this point, you may start to feel a physical sedation wash over you that can end in a long and peaceful sleep. With these effects and its super high 29% average THC level, 501st OG Kush is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, headaches or migraines, and chronic fatigue. This bud has a super sweet grape pine flavor with a woody earthy aroma to match that turns spicy as the nugs are burned. 501st OG Kush buds have fluffy spade-shaped olive green nugs with blue and purple undertones, bright red-orange hairs, and a coating of golden amber crystal trichomes.

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