26.2%CBD-33.9%THC-Rosaberry BL 500mg

Rosaberry is a cross between AC/DC and Blueberry. The two main grouping of phenos are testing at cannabinoid ratios of 2:1 and 1:1. A 1:1 ratio was found in one pack of 13 seeds that tested in the mid 20% range for cannabinoids. The marriage of the lemon from the AC/DC and berries from the Blueberry gives it an uncanny smell of floral and wild rose essence, and a taste of wild huckleberry lemonade and roses. She is a dominant F1 hybrid (Sativa 65/35) and the overall effect and structural appearance is that of a sativa dominant strain. Rosaberry produces very short side-branching and instead tries to form one main cola all the way up the stalk and is optimum for growers who may be limited on space but want maximum yield. Rosaberry is a heavy producer of dense but soft and tacky flowers with dark violet purples and periwinkle pinks and copious amount of resin. An instant classic in the making.

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