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Information about Products & Process



-ALL items are stored properly with an emphasis on prolonging the natural shelf-life of the product. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding storing of medicine and/or handling! We take pride in being a transparent collective!


- We ask patients to make sure they will be home during the delivery time window in order to avoid a 10$ Cancellation Fee debited to their membership. We thank you for your understanding!


Your medicine is ALWAYS packaged and stored in tempeture controled rooms, resulting in the best quality possible. By not leaving medicine packaged for long periods of time, we make sure that your medicine does not have the chance to lose weight or potency.


- We do not offer product display upon delivery. For this reason, the pictures of our shown products are originals and of that ACTUAL product.


 - Rather than retail or indisposible items, members at HRC consider medical cannabis as naturally grown produce that requires attention to freshness, therapeutic benefits, trichome development, terpene diversity and overall purity of the crop free from plant diseases and viruses, pesticides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers.    


- Furthermore, it is our priority to provide the utmost information and best recommendations concerning our menu. When placing your order, please do not hesitate to ask a member about any of our products. Thank you and we look forward to serving your medical needs and wants!